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It was ok

This game was good but it could be a little harder i got trough it in a little over an houer


Very fun and addictive. Great game!

I like the game but...

it is VERY slow...I swipe my finger then like 5 seconds later the block moves...and sometimes the block moves in a different direction that I swipe...I would buy the full version if that was  is all u get and I wont buy the full version...

Awesome game -- well worth the $1 for the full version.

Very addictive. Runs very smoothly, looks as "polished" as described, and controls very simply and smoothly.


Mine didnt work

Serious frame rate problems.....

The game has serious frame rate problems....It is like playing online with dial up connection..... Another drawback is that the size of the block and the trail seems to be too big for the screen. Besides this, the game is very clean (Graphicaly speaking).... With a huge competion like AppStore has, a dev. cannot afford those mistakes.

Having trouble moving block to certain spots

If this is fixed Ill give it a 6/5 :]


Mirror of Bloxxorz. Loved the Lite version like I did Bloxxorz. Now off to get the full version if I can scrounge up 99 cents. NO frame rate problems at all for me.

Boring easy

Easy but only five levels what a rip off


Like the game, but it kept kickin me off.


the levels are too hard when u r on the 2nd level it is like super hard

Seems like bloxorz for the iPod Touch

I like this game a lot. I just wish there were more levels on the free version.

need to include a difference in complexity

of the 5 levels choosen for the free version, they should not just be the first 5. please mix up the complexity of each one of the levels too

Fun but short

I know its just the lite version but this was way too short. I beat the 5 levels in 2-3 minutes

Kept crashing

After every level, it crashed and I had to restart the game to advance to the next level.

Great game, done well.

Lite, free version only has 5 levels which is just the way a game should be. It allows you to try it. Then if you like it you buy the cheap ($1) full version. 1) For those of you who have crashes on any apps, do a reset, or do a reload. Quit whining when the majority of the reviewers dont have a problem, the problem has to be you. 2) The puzzle is bigger than the screen, you have to use two fingers to move around to see the whole puzzle. 3) There is an option to use tilting of the phone to move the block. Please people, read the instructions before complaining!

Great game

I love this game. It is one of my favs on the app store. I highly recomend it. One suggestion though would is to be able to scroll around the boards to see what is ahead to plan your moves. And also when your block clicks a button that activates something off screen you might devise a way to allow the player to see what has just changed since as it is now the player has no idea what that button did. Perhaps a button that zooms out to show the whole board.

Fun game (thanks for fixing the bugs)

The game is a lot of fun. Its a great timekiller for waiting rooms or just to entertain the brain for a bit. Time to go getthe full version after an enjoyable demo.

Nicely Done!

Pro: Love the graphics and sound. Pro: Very challenging and difficult to figure out where exactly your piece need to go. Pro: Great game to play when you want to relax. Con: None Buy It? Yes

Love It!!!

Its Awesome and it is my #1 game that I have in my home screen! I would totally suggest it!

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